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Ray Rice doesn’t deserve criticism

So let’s admit the one thing we all know, Ray Rice and all NFL players are human. They make mistakes, while some may not learn from mistakes, like Josh Gordon who constantly stays in trouble. Others learn and go on to have a great NFL career. Since being drafted in 2008, Rice has been nothing but an outstanding citizen.

Ray_riceWhile Rice is more known for his play on the field, his off the field work is why the city of Baltimore loves him. Whether it’s gathering school supplies for needy children, hosts anti-bullying campaigns and hopes that he can continue being a role model for many children across Baltimore.

“I want them to see that being an NFL player comes with a lot of responsibility and responsibility is something that these kids look up to,” Rice said. “You are in the public eye. That’s something we always have to remind ourselves of, whether you are around your family or your teammates.”

Ray RiceThat was a quote from Rice at his second annual Ray Rice day held in May 2013. It is quite clear that Rice has his head on straight and understands he as an NFL player is under the microscope when in public and must be careful of what he does.

In a press conference held on Thursday, Rice again spoke on the situation and is ready to put this behind him.

“My actions that night were totally inexcusable,” he began. “That’s not me. That’s something I have to live with the rest of my life.”

Everyone makes mistakes, it’s what makes everyone human. The ones criticizing Rice believe they lead some perfect life and don’t make mistakes. Everyone can name a time they have made a mistake and to this very day, people still look at you badly no matter how much you have changed. Then you probably say to those people, “It was x amount of years ago, your still on that”?

Wouldn’t it suck to be criticized for one mistake and never ever being able to shed that mistake? This is what everyone is doing to Rice. Based off a one sided video that doesn’t tell the full story, it is assumed Rice hit her and knocked her out. Was there video of it happening?

Ray LewisBe it as it may, there will always be people who live in the past and will want to dig up  people’s past. While some may forgive him, like the hundreds of Ravens fans that cheered him at the practice held at M & T Bank Stadium to show their support for Rice. There will always be those who will continue to bring this up, just like they do with Ray Lewis and his trial from 2000.

Josh GordonThere is nothing that says NFL Players are perfect,  but if one mistake will shed every good thing a person has done, then obviously something is wrong with you. As I said, this isn’t a Josh Gordon situation where he was a trouble maker in college and continued to be one when he got to the NFL. Rice was a stand up guy and had nothing but praise among his peers and fans prior.

The suspension has been made, some may not like it but he is only suspended two games. That’s in the past. This incident occurred in Feb, it is now August. Let it go and realize that Ray Rice doesn’t deserve this criticism.

Mike Presley is a NFL Writer  for The Penalty Flag.  Mike covers NASCAR for the racing website www.hardcoreracefans.com. Mike can be contacted on Twitter @mikepresley64.

3 thoughts on “Ray Rice doesn’t deserve criticism”

  1. Wow! Thank You Mike. I came from a physically abuse marriage many years ago and if I can say he deserves a second chance, everyone else should and you are right….Everyone has made some mistake, big or small in their lives that they aren’t proud of. I for one, so move on people. Let it go!

  2. I saw your title and thought…. this numbnuts didn’t see the video of Rice dragging his Wife around….. people that drag someone around after they are not awake, alive, aware DESERVE ALL THE CRAP THEY GET. You best hope you don’t pass out around me or I’ll drag your ass to where they put soap on a rope – yeah… that’s where Rice should be… to me, he did it… it was video taped… so why are you trying to defend him? True, his Wife does look like a Bitch that would push his buttons and get him in trouble, but…. but… Rice did it… he DESERVES CRAP FOR IT – and believe me, anyone that saw the video probably will burn their Rice Jerseys…. or they can eat it – just like Rice the rest of his “fame” incounters.

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