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The Oakland Raiders are on the move

Are the Raiders on the move? There has been plenty of speculation about the Raiders and if they are staying in Oakland or moving elsewhere. This is a list of possible landing spots for the Oakland Raiders:

Los Angeles: The city of LA has been a hot topic for quite a few NFL teams. The Raiders have had a history in the LA area. It was their home from 1982-1994. Los Angeles would be a large market will high potential for growth and profit. However, would this be the best fit for the Raiders? It did not work the first time, so why try at it again?

Mark_DavisSan Antonio: It is being reported that owner Mark Davis has recently been in talks with San Antonio officials about the possibility of moving the Raiders to Texas. This will be an interesting move if this happens with Texas already having two NFL franchises in the Dallas Cowboys and the Houston Texans. But, how would the organization fair with two established teams in the state already? It may be a risk to make this move. This is the wild card of the choices the Raiders have been mulling over as of late, but could end up being the eventual winner in the Raiders sweepstakes.

Oakland: There is always the chance that the Raiders stay in Oakland where they already have an established fan base. If the city of Oakland would fund a new stadium for the Raiders, it is highly possible that they will stay put in Oakland. One of the main concerns for the Raiders is they are tired of sharing their stadium with the Oakland A’s, and it is possible that the Raiders leave town if they can not come to terms for their own stadium. As a lifelong Raiders fan, this would be the best possible scenario in my eyes. I do not want to see the Raiders move out of Oakland for when you think of Raiders it is automatically tied with the city of Oakland. Are the Raiders on the move? Or will they stay home where they belong.

6 thoughts on “The Oakland Raiders are on the move”

  1. Oakland has, I agree, always been the home of The Raiders. RaiderNation can only have its HQ In Oakland. Texas does not deserve such a fine and historic franchise. Nor anywhere else for that matter.

  2. I damn well hope n pray my Raiders STAY IN OAKLAND!!! I’m a Northern Cali man Born and Bred and I’d seriously prefer MY TEAM to stay in Nor~Cal! I already had to deal with em being in L.A. wen I was a kid, but at least it was Still in Cali….I’m gonna be Really pissed the F$$K off if they end up in Texas!

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