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Denver Broncos: Is this our year?

Hey, Denver Broncos is this our year? I know I am the typical fan which includes themselves as a member of the team. I have never been on the field taking bone jarring hits. I don’t contribute to any points scored, and I don’t get injured. I am just a fan asking and pleading to please let this be our year!

I am going to sound like a broken record, but Peyton Manning isn’t getting any younger. The biggest mistake the Broncos ever made was not keeping Tim Tebow. Tim had the ultimate teacher in Peyton, and it would have been two years of grooming so far. No use in crying over spilt milk though, what’s two years right?

Peyton ManningWell, Broncos we have Peyton for three more seasons if he holds up. Montee Ball is a potential star averaging 4.7 yds per carry, and 9.1 yds per catch so we know he has some speed. Demaryius Thomas remained strong with over 15 yds per catch, and Wes Welker averaged 10.7 yds per catch.

My biggest concern is the defense. In 2013, the Denver Broncos defense was ranked 22nd overall in the NFL. There are only 16 teams in the AFC! That is why we had to score so much because we gave up so much. The Broncos were bad at pass coverage 27th overall allowing 254.4 yds per game!

Hopefully the acquisition of DE Demarcus Ware averaging 55 tackles over the last four years, Aqib Talib at CB averaging 27 tackles and 2 INT’s over the past three years and Safety T.J Ward averaging 85.5 tackles per season can correct that mess. Hopefully, the draft helps out.

I never put much faith in the draft because college football and the NFL are two different games. So with our first pick we chose CB Bradley Roby from Ohio State. Roby started all 37 games he played in for Ohio and 44-career passes defended resulting in 8 INT’s and a total of 179 tackles. We also picked LB Lamin Barrow from LSU. Lamin seems good, and he started 28 of the 51 games he played and still averaged 4.5 tackles per game. These are the three I will be keeping my eye on during the season.

So to our Denver Broncos I ask, is this our season? Well, after inching closer to the title over the last three seasons I sure hope so.

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  1. to answer your question… is this not THE YEAR OF THE HORSE??? Nuff Said….. My question is, if the Broncos stay healthy, will they, can they GO UNDEFEATED??? If they go 3-0… that means Seattle gets beat in Seattle… we get a bye… Patriots are always tough, but I really think if the Broncos are 3-0, VEGAS BETTER BE PREPARED – LOL

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