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Tony Romo will not lead Dallas to a Super Bowl win

Personally, I like Tony Romo.  I appreciate his talent, and I respect his desire to play even when hurt. However, I propose three reasons why Tony Romo will not lead Dallas to a Super Bowl win.

The owner and General Manager of the Dallas Cowboys, Jerry Jones, is a detriment to the success of the Cowboys. No one is sure if he is also the Head Coach, because his ownership style is dictatorial.

No fan needs to look farther back than after the 1993 Super Bowl win. Coach Jimmy Johnson had just won his second consecutive World Championship.

Jerry JonesHired in 1989, Johnson’s first choice in the draft was quarterback Troy Aikman. In 1990 he selected RB Emmitt Smith, and DT Russell Maryland. In 1991 his pick was OT Erik Williams; in 1992 he chose Darren Woodson. The other key piece of the puzzle was left from the Landry era, Michael Irvin. Johnson had built a team for the decade.

However, irrevocable differences between Jones and Johnson forced the coach to resign. He was replaced by Barry Switzer. The Cowboys won another Super Bowl in 1995 with Jimmy’s team still intact. Their last Division Championship was in 2009, which was also the last year they reached a playoff appearance.

Head Coach Jason Garrett may be better than his record; we may never know. He was the 5th Head Coach hired by Jimmy Johnson since Switzer left the team in 1997.

Jason GarrettHired in 2010, he has led Dallas to a 29-27 record. Many NFL fans question if Garrett is actually making the on-field decisions, or is it Jerry Jones.

If Tony Romo is to succeed, there must be a bond between his Head Coach and himself. If Garrett is not making all decisions related to play on the field, then that becomes an impossibility. If Romo does not feel that he has the complete support of his owner and coaches, he will continue to question himself, or go in the opposite direction and take unnecessary chances.

There has never been a question as to Romo’s talent. His arm is comparable to the top five quarterbacks in the game. The constant uncertainty has been his decision making ability, and he occasionally appears to lose focus in key situations.

For all NFL teams the quarterback must be the leader on the field. On several occasions I have witnessed wide receivers appearing to be hesitant. They seemed to lack a connection with Romo.

Today, with teams either in training camp, or about to be in the near future, everyone believes that Super Bowl XLVIX is within their grasp. If the Dallas Cowboys believe in that possibility, they are living in Fantasyland.

Tony Romo will not lead Dallas to a Super Bowl win. I am a believer that they will finish the 2014 season in 4th place in the NFC East. The Division will be won by the Philadelphia Eagles, followed by the Washington Redskins, the New York Giants, and last and least, the Dallas Cowboys.

Cowboy fans can be optimistic. If I’m right in my prediction, major changes will happen during the off-season portion of 2015. I just hope they will be positive.

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4 thoughts on “Tony Romo will not lead Dallas to a Super Bowl win”

  1. yea, your about as dumb as they come. I bet you said they would come in 4th place last year as well. I get so tired of reading the same crap from all you close minded sports writers. the eagles only won because romo was out last year in the final week. the Redskins really??? RG3 probably wont make it past week 5, but again everyone is on his bandwagon. Giants well, 3rd place is ok with me. it seriously gets old reading the same crap about romo and the cowboys. eventually you people will come up with something new and a different team and qb to talk about.

  2. Cowboys fans are always optimistic about the upcoming season. Your right about Jerry Jones having way to much power. If the Cowboys want to succeed, the problem is not with Romo, its will Jones.

  3. Really James. You have the Redskins in 2nd with a 1st time head coach and a 1st time offensive coordinator. And by the way Jerry Jones hired Jason Garrett not Jimmy Johnson. I’m not predicting the Cowboys to be Superbowl favorites. But if they can ever figure out the defense side they will be a very good team.

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