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Oakland Raiders next QB: Schaub or Carr?

The Oakland Raiders have a huge decision to make. Once the season starts, they must decide who will be the next starting quarterback. Should they select the veteran QB Matt Schaub who the Oakland Raiders traded for, or the inexperienced, but talented rookie Derek Carr?

Although Schaub had a lack luster 2013 season, to say the least, with only 10 TD’s and 14 int’s in a 10 games, he’s had a solid career otherwise. Could his mishaps a season ago be caused from the lack of protection? In his last season with theĀ  Houston Texans he was sacked 21 times?

Matt Schaub
Matt Schaub

Another misfortune was the number of times Schaub had his passes picked off and taken to the end zone. He was the first QB to throw a pick-six in four consecutive games. Along with his inconsistent play Schaub was also injury plagued in 2013 only playing 10 games after he torn ligaments in his knee. He has a lot going for him if you take away his disastrous 2013 his career stats are 21944 Passing yards, 120 TD’s and 70 int’s. He could be the leader Oakland Raiders desperately has been looking for. So did he just have a down year or is he on the downside of his career only time will tell.

Derek Carr
Derek Carr

TheĀ  Oakland Raiders second choice is the brother of former NFL QB David Carr. The former first pick of Schaub’s former team the Houston Texans. Derek will have a tough time getting out of the shadow of his older brother’s busted career. While it is unfair for him to be judged from David’s career it’s the way everyone sees him.

Derek Carr had a great career while at Fresno State with 12,843 passing yards, 113 passing TD’s and only 24 int’s. While it is yet to be seen how his game will translate at the pro level he looks to have the potential to succeed in the NFL. It is not the question if but when Carr will be given his shot he has all the tools needed at this level.

While Schaub may be the starter Week 1 the real question is can he keep grasp of the job. It will be a great learning experience for Carr to learn from Schaub and get time to adjust to the pro game. But may not happen as head coach Dennis Allen along with GM Reggie Mckenzie both are fighting to keep their jobs. Could this be the Oakland Raiders finally get it or will they continue to be the black hole of the NFL stay tuned it will definitely be a wild ride for the Oakland Raiders in 2014.

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  1. If you are going to compare Quarterbacks, then you should include McGloin. In his first game last year, he was picture perfect and this was partially due to the fact that the offensive line he had on that day was as good as it would get all year. The offensive line fell apart after that and he did not have any protection. But in that game he was picture perfect of the QB of the future. I would still stack him up against Schaub or Carr, because of that game. Given a good offensive line, a Good Running game and good Receivers I believe McGloin and Carr will beat out Schaub because the fear factor is not in the back of their brain. Schaub has been beat down so hard with 21 Sacks, no one knows how well he will perform this year, but he is a Vetran and he knows how to win and he has more experience, but it will come down to quickness and accuracy and being a good game manager period.

  2. It’s a bit early to judge one way or another. I’ve also heard reports that Trent Edwards looks really good too, but does he have a ghost of a chance at starting?? Probably not, and probably won’t make the final cut down. Not until we are deeper into camp with pads on, will we begin to be able to access the pecking order at QB. But I will say, I think the Raiders are in far better shape at QB this year than they were last season. And I think it will be Schaub starting, with Carr and McGloin in the wings. However, even if Schaub starts All season, I believe we will see Carr on the field every now and then, hopefully because we’ve already clinched a playoff spot, but can’t say that will be the case, but I’d certainly love it to be so. Vegas is posting the over/unders for wins by the Raiders at 5… if you’re a betting person, Take the Overs!!
    Go Raiders!!!

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