Minnesota Vikings 2014 Mock Draft: Two Rounds

After a surprisingly successful 2012 season, the 2013 season showed just how far the Minnesota Vikings are from being a factor in the NFC North division race.  While the rest of the division battled it out for the division title, the Vikings lagged behind.  Quarterback play and issues at multiple defensive positions plagued the Vikings all year long.

Round 1, Pick 8: Derek Carr, QB, Fresno State

Derek CarrIt’s safe to say that the Christian Ponder experiment was a failure. The 12th pick of the 2011 draft was never able to become the weapon that the Vikings were hoping he would become, and the 2013 season became a carousel of quarterbacks for Minnesota.  Veteran Matt Cassel had arguably the most success.  But when compared to the results of Ponder and Josh Freeman, that isn’t much to say.

While Carr has been ranked as a late-first round pick by many experts, the Vikings’ desperate need for quarterback will probably force them to reach for the former Fresno State signal-caller since the top 3 ranked quarterbacks will most likely be off the board by the 8th pick.  Carr has an NFL bloodline as his brother David was the number one pick of the expansion Texans in 2002.  Carr is a well-rounded quarterback with the ability to throw the ball anywhere and everywhere, but has played against weak competition and solely out of the shotgun.

Round 2, Pick 8: Xavier Su’a Filo, OG, UCLA

Xavier Su'a FiloWhile the Vikings offensive line was not a weakness, the team’s left guard was clearly the weakness for the 6th ranked o-line.  Because the team already has weapons to surround the young quarterback they will most-likely draft, making sure that he is protected will give that pick the best chance of success in the pros.  With the possibility of a lack of talent in the defensive backfield in the early second round, shoring up the o-line would make sense for the Vikings.

Su’a Filo is a strong and quick lineman who would help create even more holes for Adrian Peterson, along with providing more protection for the new signal caller for the Vikings.  Su’a Filo has the strength to defend bullrushes and the agility to move around in pass protection.  He also has shown maturity after spending two years on a Mormon mission before playing football for UCLA.

There you have it, my 2014 Vikings mock draft.  While the Vikings will undoubtedly spend draft picks on defensive help, making sure the offense takes advantage of the weapons already in place is necessary to make a real move forward in the NFC North.  Look for Minnesota to select a defensive tackle, safety and cornerback at some point in the draft as well.

What do you think is the best way to get the Vikings out of the NFC North cellar?  Should they address defensive holes before fixing the offense?  Comment with your thoughts.

One thought on “Minnesota Vikings 2014 Mock Draft: Two Rounds”

  1. Spielmans job rests solely on this draft. After reaching for Ponder and having that backfire (while not solely his fault) was a learning experience for him, and I feel like he’ll be hesitant to reach on a QB again in the first. Especially after witnessing a 3rd round QB in R. Wilson guide his team to a Championship I don’t think he’ll feel a need to reach.
    The Vikings just hired a defensive minded coach, in Mike Zimmer, and he himself said he’s going to have quite a bit of input with Spielman in this years draft.
    So here’s how I see this playing out (in a perfect world where my opinion actually means something)- Manziel, Bortles, and Bridgwater are all off the board at QB, most likely Watkins is gone as well. However, I see WR needy teams like the Jets and Ravens all looking at their guy (Lee, or Evans) with the Lions and Bills about to pick (both teams are likely to take a WR) so the Vikes trade back. Right now I’m having them trade with the Jets at 18. Vikes get their 18th, their 80th, and miscellaneous other picks. (I have no idea how pick values stack up, I’m just spit balling)
    At 18 the Vikings go defense- Ra’Shede Hageman, DE/DT, Minnesota OR Nix III Notre Dame (which ever is there, either would make me happy). I’m thinking C.J. Mosely will probably be on the board, but Zimmer will see potential in guys like Mauti, Cole, Greenway, and Hodges, so I think we avoid LB and go DT, to give the guys we’ve already got at LB some help up front. Srarrif and Hageman/Nix could be a very scary combo.

    Rd. 2- pick 40- Kyle Van Noy OLB/DE, BYU. still no QB?! WHAT? I’m sure you’re thinking, “You must be crazy!” . Most of the QB needy teams got their guy in round 1 (I feel like Carr is gone already to a team like the Titans or Rams who have an injury prone dude under center.) So again, bolstering the D and going best player available. If Van Noy is here at this pick, I think he’ll be hard to ignore.

    I do believe the Vikings address the QB position in round 2 however. I think Spielman is his crafty self and packages some of the picks we’ve accumulated and trades back into the 2nd round. There’s a couple guys I want to see in Purple next year, but at this point in the draft, I think pulling the trigger on Jimmy Garappolo would be a pretty safe pick. Sitting behind/ competing with Castle would be great.

    Round 3- Lamarcus Joyner, S, FSU. Small guy, but versatile, and can lay the wood. Could fill void at S or at the slot CB where I believe the D was weakest last year.

    The only player I REALLY REALLY want to see the Vikings take in any of these later rounds (most likely 4th or 5th) would be Arron Murray, QB outta Georgia. His torn ACL is a bit of a set back, but he’s a competitor, and honestly my favorite QB in this draft class. Between him and Garoppolo, I think the vikings would be set at QB for quite some time. The only bummer is that it could take a year of being the #2/3 guy before he really emerged. That, and I’d be really torn between seeing Murray and Goroppolo competing against one another… Big fan of both.

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