Seattle Seahawks

Don’t 49ers fans have better things to complain about?

Being rabid fans of the San Francisco 49ers must be tough work, especially when the slightest affront, real or imagined, to your heroes offends you disproportionately in the extreme.   And they proved their sensitivities again this week.  You see, a vocal portion of this crowd have expressed their extreme displeasure with, of all organizations, Bay Area Rapid Transit.  It seems BART committed the ultimate sin in the eyes of some 49er fans:  they bought new rail cars with, horror of horrors, interiors and more specifically, seats of blue and neon green, the colors of their hated NFC rival, the Seattle Seahawks.  Let the grousing begin.…

Jadeveon Clowny

Texans must draft Jadeveon Clowney

He averaged 13 quarterback sacks, and 23.5 tackles for each season, playing for South Carolina.  He is six-feet-six-inches tall, and weighs 274 pounds.  He impressed everyone at the combine with remarkable speed and quickness, considering his size.  His name is Jadeveon Clowney.  He is the most notable player available in the draft, and the Texans should make him their first pick.

The Texans’ defense is rated among the league’s best.  What few teams have is a great pass rusher on the line.  At six-feet-five-inches tall, and 298 pounds, defensive end JJ Watt has been the League’s best for several years.  In 2013, he had 80 tackles, 10.5 sacks, and defended seven passes, usually by knocking them down at the line of scrimmage.  Watt moves side to side.  If they added Clowney, offensive lines would be forced to defend both sides of center.…


Multiple Super Bowls are only possible for a few

Nineteen of the present 32 NFL teams have won the Super Bowl.  Eleven of those 19 have won more than one.  Only eight have won more than two.  Why?

Talent alone does not keep teams in contention for a championship in multiple years.  The key appears to be the entire organization, not just the 53 players on the field and the numerous coaches.  Its structure, from the owner to the punter must be solid, disciplined, and exist of a single mind; to win the big game in February.…

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