Truth is somewhere in between Eagles Monday night win

Is having luck how the Philadelphia Eagles pulled off a win Monday night? I’m sure there are plenty of message boards and bar-goers that think so. And there are even more that think the refs handed them the game. Honestly, the truth is somewhere in between Eagles Monday night win.

Philly played an uneventful, albeit an atrocious, first half. Nick Foles held onto the ball too long (and he had plenty of time to do so) and still missed wide-open receivers.…

Green Bay Packers: Good, bad, and ugly

Sometimes in sports, one week between games can make all the difference. The players are rested, more focused, and in some cases, play a team that isn’t as skilled. That was the case with the Green Bay Packers. In Week 1, they played the defending Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks and got outplayed in almost every way possible. In Week 2, they were matched up against the New York Jets, and after a half of worrying football, they came alive in the second half.…

Carolina Panthers must cut ties with Greg Hardy

As time goes on it’s becoming more difficult for the Carolina Panthers and Greg Hardy. His case is still in process and fans are already calling for his head. The Panthers recently stated they are sticking by the often troubled defensive end and will not part ways with him. However, as the pressure builds on the Panthers, they may not have any other decision but to cut ties with Hardy. The longer they stick by Hardy, the more it will ruin the image that the Panthers are trying to build.…

Who should be the starting QB for Washington?

When Kirk Cousins replaced Robert Griffin III, the Washington Redskins’ offense dominated the Jaguars’ defense. But, RG3 is the coveted first round pick they traded so much away just to land? Who should be the starting QB for Washington?

The answer is clear, but I’m not sure the owner and coaching staff will make it.

Robert Griffin III
Robert Griffin III

In his first season, RG III was an effective quarterback. Much of his success was based on his ability to run; to execute the ‘read-option’ style offense.…

Why the 49ers aren’t scoring 40 points a game

As a fan of the NFL, most are aware of the San Francisco 49ers potent offense. So why aren’t Colin Kaepernick and company scoring more points per game?

Frank Gore and rookie Carlos Hyde are both capable of rushing for 100 yards or more per game. In his career Gore has rushed for over 10,000 yards with an average of 4.6 yards per carry. In his senior year at Ohio State Hyde ran for 1521 yards and a 7.3 average.…

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