Jay Cutler: 2014 Fantasy Sleeper

Jay Cutler of the Chicago Bears is possibly the biggest sleeper amongst quarterbacks this year. Coming into year two under the “Quarterback Whisperer,” Marc Trestman, Cutler will progress and has a familiarity with all of his main targets.

The Bears were the second highest scoring team last season, and I fully expect them to rival the Broncos for that title this year with Jay Cutler, Alshon Jeffery and Brandon Marshall breaking out.

NFL: Chicago Bears at Minnesota Vikings

Cutler will be working behind an offensive line returning all five starters, a running back who does anything asked of him well and four receiving targets which are 6’3″ or bigger (Marshall, Jeffery, Bennett and Wilson).…

Jeremy Maclin: 2014 Fantasy Sleeper

Philadelphia Eagles’ Jeremy Maclin had been a perennial number one weapon over the course of his career, before missing last season with an injury. Coming off injury is always a cause for some concern, but Maclin seems to be 100% again and with Desean Jackson moving to Washington, Maclin becomes the best deep threat on a team with a truly explosive offense.

Defenses are forced to keep their eyes in the backfield with LeSean McCoy as dangerous catching passes as he is running the ball, and with Maclin’s propensity for getting behind the defense, he could be set up for a monster season.…

Is the cup half full or empty for the Eagles

While it’s too early to make predictions about the season, this Philadelphia Eagles team looks poised to do big things. Even though this team has lost both preseason games, one must ask is the cup half full or empty for the Eagles?

Here’s why I think the glass is half full, or in other words, what I think is especially great about this team. The defense got manhandled against Tom Brady and the New England Patriots the opening series of the second preseason game.…

Toby Gerhart: 2014 Fantasy Sleeper

Sometimes you become a sleeper by being the only option available. That’s the case of Jacksonville Jaguars running back Toby Gerhart.

Jacksonville gave Gerhart starting running back money this offseason, so you should fully expect them to give him the ball early and often this season.

The fact that Gerhart has an average draft position of 64 and is the 25th running back taken on ESPN leagues blows my mind. Gerhart has surprising speed for a back his size; he is a bruiser who has trained under Adrian Peterson and hasn’t dealt with overwhelming bodily harm since entering the NFL in 2010.…

Tony Romo’s last season in Dallas

It seems we have finally reached the point of no return for the Dallas Cowboys and Tony Romo. With all the offensive talent around Romo, one would believe he would at least lead them to a few playoff wins, but playing .500 football isn’t going to keep Jerry Jones paying your paycheck. Could this be Tony Romo’s last season in Dallas? Many believe this to be true if he does not take the Cowboys back to the playoffs and win.…

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