Roger Goodell

Roger Goodell’s Selective Punishments

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has rightfully been accused of the over-punishment of NFL players. His dictatorial actions have moved me and many others to accuse him of unfair practice in his actions against players, while dismissing serious repercussions for owners and officials. With the recent ‘slap on the wrist’ to Baltimore’s Ray Rice, it is apparent that what is occurring is Roger Goodell’s selective punishments are demonstrating his hypocrisy.

A two-game suspension barely rates as punishment for the abuse of Rice’s girlfriend/ wife.…

Bruce Smith

Buffalo Bills members of the Hall of Fame, who’s next?

Ralph Wilson Jr., Jim Kelly, Bruce Smith, Thurman Thomas, Joe DeLamielleure, Marv Levy, Billy Shaw and O.J. Simpson represent the Buffalo Bills in the prestigious NFL Hall of Fame. Here is a look at why they reached the Hall and who could be next for the Buffalo Bills.

Ralph C. Wilson Jr. (2009)

Ralph Wilson Jr. was the founder and owner of the Buffalo Bills. He was one of the founding owners of the AFL or American Football League which would merge with the NFL in 1970.…

Alex Smith

2014 Kansas City Chiefs season win total prediction

The Kansas City Chiefs were off to a remarkable start last season, however they didn’t end the season on such a great note. This year according to the Las Vegas Hilton the 2014 Kansas City Chiefs season win total sits at only eight.

Anything was better than going 2-12 in 2012 but by bringing in Andy Reid and Alex Smith the Chiefs were able to turn everything around. After blowing a huge lead to the Colts in the playoffs, the hits kept coming for the Chiefs.…

Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow: Resurrecting the NFL dream

Thought Tebowmania was over? Think again.

Rumor has it that despite being under contract with ESPN to be a college football analyst on the SEC Network, Tim Tebow is training hard this summer in hopes of resurrecting his NFL career. Of course, there is an out clause in this contract that would allow Tebow to leave ESPN if he does manage to land another NFL job.

How likely is it that Tebow will play in the NFL again?…

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