What we’ve learned from the NFL through Week 2

I can describe what I haven’t seen in two weeks of the NFL in a single word; DEFENSE.

I have never seen so many wide open receivers in every game I watched. That included the Vikings, the Patriots, the Packers, the Chargers, the Raiders, and the Champion Seahawks.  I knew the NFL had become an offensive league, but Sunday’s lack of defensive play was appalling.

There were other indicators of what the 2014 season will be like in the next 15 weeks.…

Is the NFL in Trouble?

A commentary by James Turnage

A continuing increase in the number of NFL players who are experiencing legal troubles or who have violated the league’s substance abuse policy is creating a rumble within the community of players, coaches, sports writers and fans. That, combined with rule changes, often unjustly enforced, is resulting in the question; is the NFL in trouble?

Adrian PetersonNow a superstar, Adrian Peterson is in the news, and not in a positive way.

Is this the result of a league which has become so greedy, it has overlooked potential problems with young men who become overnight millionaires?…

Panthers’ Gettleman isn’t flashy, he’s effective

Critics met the moves made by Carolina Panthers general manager Dave Gettleman with much skepticism this off-season. Among the moves panned was the decision to let arguably its top two play-makers in the secondary, Mike Mitchell and Captain Munnerlyn, sign big free agent contracts elsewhere. He replaced them by signing veteran castoffs such as Roman Harper, Thomas DeCoud, and Antoine Cason to fill the holes in their depleted secondary.

Allowing his second and third receivers to seek employment elsewhere was also criticized, but not nearly as much as his decision to cut Steve Smith Sr., the longest tenured player in franchise history.…

Truth is somewhere in between Eagles Monday night win

Is having luck how the Philadelphia Eagles pulled off a win Monday night? I’m sure there are plenty of message boards and bar-goers that think so. And there are even more that think the refs handed them the game. Honestly, the truth is somewhere in between Eagles Monday night win.

Philly played an uneventful, albeit an atrocious, first half. Nick Foles held onto the ball too long (and he had plenty of time to do so) and still missed wide-open receivers.…

Green Bay Packers: Good, bad, and ugly

Sometimes in sports, one week between games can make all the difference. The players are rested, more focused, and in some cases, play a team that isn’t as skilled. That was the case with the Green Bay Packers. In Week 1, they played the defending Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks and got outplayed in almost every way possible. In Week 2, they were matched up against the New York Jets, and after a half of worrying football, they came alive in the second half.…