49ers: The Curse of Jim Harbaugh?

The San Francisco 49ers were a goal line stand away from winning their sixth Super Bowl back in 2012. Jim Harbaugh took the team to the Super Bowl in only his second season as Head Coach. Now in 2015 the 49ers are looking at rebuilding.  While you can look at the positives of signing Torrey Smith to replace Michael Crabtree, the negatives are just through the roof. It seems as if Jed York was blessed with the gift of Jim Harbaugh, and when he didn’t want it, he fired him. I’m sorry, I meant “mutually parted ways” with Harbaugh. Continue reading 49ers: The Curse of Jim Harbaugh?

NFL Free Agency: Overrated Free Agents of 2015

It seems like it was yesterday the New England Patriots won the Super Bowl, yet here we are days away from Free Agency. NFL Free Agency, one of the big reasons why the NFL has so much parity. Even with the cap increase of ten million from last season, teams are struggling to get under the cap by the new league year.

Each year players are let go and new players are signed, as teams look to fill a void before the start of the draft. Though, buyer beware as a player may not be who you think your getting. You see it every year where teams over pay to lure free agents, but also they just simply fall for the hype of some players.

Next week will be no different as I present to you the top five overrated free agents of 2015.

5. Avoid Ravens Free Agents:

Ozzie NewsomeThere is one constant every March, the Baltimore Ravens have key free agents that 31 other teams drool over. They sign those players thinking they are getting a great player and then….. bust. Everyone in the media thinks if the Ravens will suffer without those players, it happens every March. Yet, through it all the great Wizard of Oz(General Manager Ozzie Newsome) has had the Ravens playoff contenders every year.

When the Ravens let Michael Oher walk and go to Tennessee, nobody believed they would let Ricky Wagner start at right tackle, he’s just a fifth round pick. The Ravens knew what they had in Wagner and he proved it last year replacing Oher as a very solid starter. Couple in the fact Oher just got released from the Titans, it seems the Ravens the right move. Paul Kruger and Dan Ellerbe were also very over hyped and the Browns and Dolphins paid for it. So if you think Ozzie Newsome is afraid to let Torrey Smith, Justin Forsett and Pernell McPhee walk, think again.

4. Mark Sanchez, Quarterback, Eagles:

Mark SanchezLet’s begin with how his tenure in NY ended. A butt fumble, on Thursday Night Football in which he has become more known for. He signed with the Eagles, Nick Foles got hurt and all of a sudden he looks like a capable quarterback. Yeah, not buying it for one second.

The only reason Sanchez had success in Philadelphia was because of Chip Kelly’s offensive system. Chip Kelly makes Sanchez look better than he actually is. If a team needing a QB sees it as anything else, they are throwing away money.

3. Jerry Hughes, Defensive End, Bills:

Jerry HughesBesides our number one player on this list, I have to wonder how much Hughes will stop caring if he gets paid big bucks. He was a first round bust in Indianapolis before finding himself in Buffalo. I just wonder if some team will pay him a boat load of money, and then he reverts back to who he was in Indianapolis, and not the player he was in Buffalo.

2. Malcolm Smith, LB, Seahawks:

Malcolm SmithMuch like Mark Sanchez, Smith benefited from the Seahawks defensive system. He maybe a Super Bowl MVP but a vastly overrated one at that. Smith outside of Seattle is something I would worry about if I were a GM. Was he actually a good player or did he benefit from the other great talent around him? Maybe he’ll show he wasn’t a fluke Super Bowl MVP, but if he lands with his former coordinators in Atlanta or Jacksonville, there’s a chance he won’t be cut a couple years from now.

1. Ndamukong Suh, DT, Lions:

If you thought Ndamukong Suh wouldn’t be the number one overrated free agent of 2015, then I’m afraid you don’t remember the Albert Haynesworth debacle of 2009. He was the prized free agent that offseason and signed a seven year, $100M contract and was let go after the 2010 season.



Suh is line for a very similar contract this offseason. Rumors have circulated about the Raiders, Jaguars and now the Miami Dolphins who are the supposed front runners offering him a huge contract. If that does happen, a lot of questions will be asked.  Is Suh a product of the Lions defensive scheme? Will he slack off the way Haynesworth did after he gets his money? Can he stay out of trouble with the league office? For the Lions, they are better off re-signing Nick Fairley, drafting another defensive tackle in the first round and settling for the third round compensatory pick in 2016.


Mike Presley is a NFL Writer  for The Penalty Flag.  Mike covers NASCAR for the racing website www.hardcoreracefans.com. Mike can be contacted on Twitter @mikepresley64

Why the Bills won their trade with the Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles traded All-Pro running back LeSean McCoy for Buffalo Bills linebacker Kiko Alonso. Without a doubt a trade that came out of nowhere.

Rex Ryan is certainly trying to make a splash in his first offseason as Bills head coach and without a first-round draft pick in this year’s draft, Ryan is doing whatever he can to elevate his offense.

In his five season as a running back C.J Spiller has only rushed for over a thousand yards once and has never started a full season. He has shown signs of being an All-Pro but last season he only played in a total of nine games due to a broken collarbone.

The Bills proved last season that they could be dominate without Alonso and it proved as Ryan made the call to trade Alonso.  Last year the Bills were without a doubt a top-five NFL defense and the best defense in the AFC and that was without rookie standout Kiko Alonso who missed the entire season with a torn ACL.  Ryan who is considered the best defensive mind in the game, has acquired  his best defense since his first two seasons as the New York Jets head coach, a team that featured All-Pro cornerback Darrell Revis.

With a massive upgrade for the Bills what about the Eagles? They have traded away the man who has the most rushing yards in the past five seasons and will only be 26 years-old when season starts.  This is once again Chip Kelly trusting his offensive system. Believing that the talent he sees fit can succeed in his offense. In the draft as of late running backs are coming out as if it is a goldmine in the later rounds. Such as St. Louis Rams Tre Mason (3rd round) Cincinnati Bengals Jeremy Hill (2nd) and Giovani Bernard (2nd).

Last year Chip Kelly let go Eagles All-Pro wide receiver DeSean Jackson trying to prove once again that he does not need all-aro talent for his system to work. Kelly believes his system will make players all-pro.

The Eagles not get a stud linebacker to help their defense that has been struggling as of late. If Alonso can return to full form from this ACL injury then this trade will be fair. But until then it looks like the Bills have won this battle and are coming for the defending Super Bowl Champions and AFC rival New England Patriots.