Who’s going to start?

We all have opinions about who should start and who should sit in September. Training camps will all be open by tomorrow, the 25th, and how coaches view the practices will give them reason to make a decision. So, who’s going to start?

Although article after article proves that rule changes are making it more difficult to play defense, the NFL continues to be managed by many of the ‘good old boys,’ who are not able to adapt to the major changes in the game.…

Tom Brady

Fantasy Football draft mistakes

Over the next five weeks, all of us fantasy football guru’s will be thinking about and analyzing/over analyzing our upcoming standard snake draft. As training camp opens, all teams think this is the year. We will all be thinking the same way. I’ve got this in the bag! You then go to your buddies house, decked out in your favorite teams gear, folder with notes in hand, and make these fantasy football draft mistakes that bite you where the sun don’t shine.…

Thomas Golisano is the wrong man for the Bills

Blasé seems fitting when describing Thomas Golisano, at least his personality, but it’s the actual spelling of his first name: Blase. I get the reason for using Tom now. And there is a lot to like about Mr. Paychex, including his company, a leader in payroll, human resources and benefits for entrepreneurs (small businesses) and ascending (medium-sized). You only need one reason to know Golisano is the wrong guy to own the Buffalo Bills.

Firstly, the National Football League is a large-scale business enterprise, whilst Golisano is worth about two billion dollars (roughly 1.3 to 1.9 billion), so I am having more fun with his target audience than stating an argument.…

Brett Favre

It’s time Green Bay welcomes Favre

All Green Bay Packers fans remember back in February 1992 when the Packers traded a first-round pick for this Brett Fav-re guy. We also remember the indecisive Brett Favre as he retired and changed his mind… and retired and changed his mind. We also remember how he played for the Minnesota Vikings in 2009-2010. How could you Brett? The Vikings? The only thing that is worse than that would have been the Bears! But it’s time Green Bay welcomes Favre home.…

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