Thanksgiving Football Pigskin Instead of Traditional Turkey Dinner

Thanksgiving Football Preview

This Thursday the NFL is serving us up a three course visual meal in the form of three mouth-watering divisional match-ups. These three rivalry games come heavily smothered with different implications. Well, for the most part anyways. The CHI@DET game shouldn’t affect the division too much, unless the Lions tank from that point on, but the game still has its own “special” implications to it. I will get into that below. This holiday you can add “the NFL” to your lengthy list of things to be thankful for.…


Fantasy: Patriots RB situation is a Gray Area

“A Gray area”, Other than a delightful play on words, its the very definition for the New England Patriots’ running back situation. Or for any Patriots player not named Tom Brady when it comes to fantasy, really. During the long reign of Bill Belichick, there really haven’t been consistent fantasy “locks” on the team. Besides a select few, that is. Randy Moss, Rob Gronkowski, and Tom Brady may be the only names on the list. Recently, Jonas Gray made a big splash in New England’s backfield rotation.…

Disappointment, decades of it

The life of a fan of a team in the National Football League can be a Jekyll and Hyde experience. In just the 17 weeks of a NFL season you can experience an array of emotions. As a true fan, or fanatic, you will often feel the same as the coaches and players. However, being a fan of the Washington Redskins means being one thing, decades of disappointment.

It all started for me in the fall of ’88.…

What's Interesting in the NFL