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2014 NFL Draft: Has scouting become overrated?

The NFL Draft has become a 365 day job for all NFL scouts.  It’s just not throughout the college season, but they are busy scouting players from the end of one draft to the next draft.  Over the years they have all hit or miss on every player eligible for the draft. This begs the question, has scouting become overrated?

nfl-scouts Let’s think about this for a moment. Scouts have their flaws, it makes them human but how many times do we hear about teams hiring new scouts?…

Michael Vick

Michael Vick attacked by pitbull, karma’s a…

According to recent reports, Michael Vick, the newest quarterback of the New York Jets, was leaving MetLife Stadium stadium when he was attacked by a stray pitbull.

Onlookers say the stray pitbull charged Vick but the dog locked on to his left thigh as Vick screamed in pain.

PitbullPuppy-EatingMichaelVickFigurineAccording to thenewsnerd.com, “Michael Vick was treated at a nearby hospital, and received over 45 stitches. Vick will undergo an MRI on Monday to determine if there is any internal damage.

Jerry Jones-Jason Garrett

Are changes in philosophy, through fundamentals, causing NFL issues?

General Philosophy has always been intriguing, partly because it can be all-encompassing, and why barter principles when you can staunchly assert an all-around belief?  However, an overview is not necessarily a lazy ticket out of hard issues; in fact it can create an umbrella from which to branch.  Invariably, as the seasons of the NFL tick on and outsiders such as Mark Cuban sell the league’s demotion through over-promotion, health concerns become more of a background din (namely concussions), but ultimately some doping or mistaken or deliberate substance abuse will ring out noisily.…

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