Chris Snee

NFL taking a toll on Chris Snee

As if things could not get any worse for the New York Giants at offensive line. Coming off a season where the New York Giants gave up an abysmal 40 sacks last year, the team had a number of things to fix. Not only were they not giving two-time Super Bowl MVP, Eli Manning enough time in the pocket, but this was also a team that could not get anything consistently going in the running game.…


This is the year for Matthew Stafford

After all the changes for the Detroit Lions, one thing remains the same, this is Matt Stafford’s team. The team brought in a new coaching staff that specializes in quarterback fundamentals. The Lions also upgraded offensive weapons, adding wide receiver Golden Tate and tight end Eric Ebron. All these new additions have the fans in Detroit saying “This is the year for Matthew Stafford.”

With a new head coach, new offensive/defensive coordinators, and a number of new position coaches, it still comes down to the players on the field.…


Who’s going to start?

We all have opinions about who should start and who should sit in September. Training camps will all be open by tomorrow, the 25th, and how coaches view the practices will give them reason to make a decision. So, who’s going to start?

Although article after article proves that rule changes are making it more difficult to play defense, the NFL continues to be managed by many of the ‘good old boys,’ who are not able to adapt to the major changes in the game.…

Tom Brady

Fantasy Football draft mistakes

Over the next five weeks, all of us fantasy football guru’s will be thinking about and analyzing/over analyzing our upcoming standard snake draft. As training camp opens, all teams think this is the year. We will all be thinking the same way. I’ve got this in the bag! You then go to your buddies house, decked out in your favorite teams gear, folder with notes in hand, and make these fantasy football draft mistakes that bite you where the sun don’t shine.…

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