Can Teddy Time correct the Vikings ship?

Well Minnesota Vikings fans, you’ve finally got your wish; it’s Teddy Time! I do have to say that I would have been more excited about this around the first week of the season. Right now, he’s being thrown into a hot mess of a situation and asked to make the best out of it.

The best thing for a rookie QB is to make sure he’s given the right tools to succeed. That means, giving him a running game, time to pass and weapons on the outside.…

Tampa Bay Buccaneers are in serious trouble

To say that the beating the Tampa Bay Buccaneers took on Thursday evening at the hands of the Atlanta Falcons was embarrassing would be an understatement.  But the loss was made worse by what was proven during the game; that the Bucs are simply not ready to contend in the NFC South and may be further away from contending than many thought.

The first, and biggest problem that the Buccaneers have is their quarterback.  The lauded free agent acquisition of veteran signal caller Josh McCown has been nothing short of a bust three games into the season.…

Jerome Simpson continues to be a joke

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me three times; well…find a different uniform.

Jerome SimpsonOnce again, Jerome Simpson has proven that he has no control over his love of drugs and alcohol. Simpson was cited for marijuana possession and an open container on July 7. With as many distractions as the Vikings have had the past week, I think it’s safe to say that we need to send him packing.…

What we’ve learned from the NFL through Week 2

I can describe what I haven’t seen in two weeks of the NFL in a single word; DEFENSE.

I have never seen so many wide open receivers in every game I watched. That included the Vikings, the Patriots, the Packers, the Chargers, the Raiders, and the Champion Seahawks.  I knew the NFL had become an offensive league, but Sunday’s lack of defensive play was appalling.

There were other indicators of what the 2014 season will be like in the next 15 weeks.…

Is the NFL in Trouble?

A commentary by James Turnage

A continuing increase in the number of NFL players who are experiencing legal troubles or who have violated the league’s substance abuse policy is creating a rumble within the community of players, coaches, sports writers and fans. That, combined with rule changes, often unjustly enforced, is resulting in the question; is the NFL in trouble?

Adrian PetersonNow a superstar, Adrian Peterson is in the news, and not in a positive way.

Is this the result of a league which has become so greedy, it has overlooked potential problems with young men who become overnight millionaires?…