Could Johnny Manziel be headed to the NY Giants?

Are the New York Giants using the same strategies their NFC East rivals did two years ago? With such an elite quarterback like Robert Griffin III, the Washington Redskins were in some serious need of a franchise quarterback. They got their man by trading many future draft picks to the St. Louis Rams. Could the Giants be doing the same exact thing to shore up their quarterback situation after the year Eli Manning had by throwing 27 interceptions and only 18 touchdowns?…

AJ McCarron

AJ McCarron is destined for greatness, but with who?

Ten years from now, we will look back and say the best quarterback to come out of the 2014 NFL Draft was not drafted in the first round.  A team like the Oakland Raiders should have traded back up and he should have been among the top 32 picks. But it seems inevitable that AJ McCarron will not be selected before the first night of the draft is completed.

Why am I so sure of McCarron’s future success?…


Chicago Bears ‘New Look’ defense needs ‘Old School’ results

The Chicago Bears spent their offseason giving their defense a makeover and hoping for better results. All Pro defensive end Julius Peppers was sent walking, defensive linemen Henry Melton, and Corey Wooten were also allowed to take their talents elsewhere. While the names are big, their impact on the 2013 Chicago Bears was anything but.

The Bears last season sported, perhaps, the worst defense in the franchise’s history.  We are not talking about the Jacksonville Jaguars’ history, or the Houston Texans’ history.…

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