Who should be the starting QB for Washington?

When Kirk Cousins replaced Robert Griffin III, the Washington Redskins’ offense dominated the Jaguars’ defense. But, RG3 is the coveted first round pick they traded so much away just to land? Who should be the starting QB for Washington?

The answer is clear, but I’m not sure the owner and coaching staff will make it.

Robert Griffin III
Robert Griffin III

In his first season, RG III was an effective quarterback. Much of his success was based on his ability to run; to execute the ‘read-option’ style offense.…

Why the 49ers aren’t scoring 40 points a game

As a fan of the NFL, most are aware of the San Francisco 49ers potent offense. So why aren’t Colin Kaepernick and company scoring more points per game?

Frank Gore and rookie Carlos Hyde are both capable of rushing for 100 yards or more per game. In his career Gore has rushed for over 10,000 yards with an average of 4.6 yards per carry. In his senior year at Ohio State Hyde ran for 1521 yards and a 7.3 average.…

NFL Week 1 overreactions are simply that

After just one weekend of NFL action, over-exuberant and excessively despondent proclamations rule. The Seattle Seahawks are a dynasty! The Tom Brady, Bill Belichick reign is over! Andrew Luck is the next Peyton Manning!

Calm down…Only one week of the regular season has been played. It is illogical and, frankly, irresponsible to make such bold statements as if they are certain with a sample size of only one game. Such overreaction is more common among fans than the media, but writers, announcers, and pundits have been prone to making such claims as well.…

Broncos defense isn’t much of an improvement

The other day on ESPN I read how the Denver Broncos defense is playing much better compared to last season. It made me wonder, were they watching the same game?

The Broncos allowed the Indianapolis Colts 24 points and last season the Denver defense allowed their opponents 24.9. What’s so different other than a Broncos win?

Denver Broncos versus the Indianapolis ColtsThe Broncos pass defense was atrocious and allowed Andrew Luck to throw for 370 yards. Not much of a change from 2013 when they were 27th overall allowing 254.4 passing yards per game.…

Redskins identity: Run, run and run

The identity of a team can make or break its season. Are they a solid defensive team who can win with minimal offense? Or are they a high-powered scoring machine which can blister you with a barrage of points. No matter what their identity is, each NFL team has one, and it just so happens that the make-up of the Washington Redskins is run, run, and run some more.

In 2012, the Washington Redskins, and then Head Coach Mike Shanahan, drafted a little known running back out of Florida Atlantic in the 6th round by the name of Alfred Morris.…