How the Media Exaggerates the Patriots’ Issues

Win or lose, there’s a permanent dark cloud over Gillette Stadium. That cloud is not Tom Brady’s frustration at not having the talented arsenal of weaponry possessed by rival Peyton Manning; or his brooding over the Patriots’ trade of longtime New England guard Logan Mankins, friend and stalwart in the trenches; or even his contemplating whether it might be time to depart the land of the Flying Elvis for another team’s colors.

No, that dark cloud is the media.…

510 Words on Peyton Manning

I do not think there was a single person come Sunday night that expected Brett Favre to remain in possession of the career touchdown pass record at game’s end. I have always liked Peyton Manning as a person and as a quarterback, and that is how I will talk about him: as a person, and as a quarterback. Manning is not an unstoppable captain of a team prepared to steamroll the remainder of their opponents. He is one of the best quarterbacks ever, yes, but even his latest achievement does not make him the greatest of all time.…

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Michael Vick’s latest mistake

Michael Vick will be forever judged as a man full of mistakes. A star-studded NFL player who made wrong choices along his career path. Michael Vick’s latest mistake might be the biggest one of his professional career.

After five seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles, Vick had his choice between the New York Jets, Oakland Raiders, Buffalo Bills, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Football: Jets-v-Eagles, Sep 2009 - 53 At 34 years old, none of the teams saw him as a starter. Plus, his history of injuries have prevented him from playing more than 13 games in a single season.  Instead of a starter, teams were looking for depth and the New York Jets got it.…

Mount Rushmore of quarterbacks

With Peyton Manning closing in on becoming the all time touchdown leader in the NFL the debate of who is the greatest quarterback of all talk will spark. So might, as well get in on it, but my rankings will be different. They won’t be judged on stats alone but more on there impact on the game. Meaning if they were innovators, influenced future quarterbacks or brought more eyes to the game, it is not based off top quarterbacks of all time.…

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